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THUG+ tutorials

Post by CHC »

So i've gotten annoyed with all the sticked topics so i've decided to make a single topic lists all the tutorials

Creating your own physics meu(Roq)
Changing Graffiti Colours
[TUROTIAL: Thaw] Make an array menu
Generate QBkeys(Roq)
Park Editor Save Documentation
Qbyte code Documentation
Create Your Own THUG2 Theme(Basti)
CAS Info(Reaper)
[TUROTIAL: Thug1++]Advanced Menus

mods feel free to add more tutorials to this thread(but only thug+ ones since this is the thug+ forum!)

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Re: THUG+ tutorials

Post by Morten1337 »

i think you should add a new sub forum for tutorials, since this one has just turned into a dump for everything.
It would be easier for us to moderate etc. :)

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