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Credit to Reaper:
(Almost)Each block that would interest you contains a byte 8A to start the block, a block identifier byte to tell the game what the block is for, then data for the block which has a data type identifier and a value identifier:

Block Identifiers

0x0A = Face
0xC2 = Head Tattoo
0x0D = Hair
0xB4 = Hat
0xB7 = Hat Logo
0x24 = Hat hair
0xB3 = Glasses
0x0B = Shirt Style
0xB1 = Shirt Front Logo
0xB2 = Shirt back Logo
0x13 = Chest Tattoo
0x14 = Back Tattoo
0x17 = L. Arm Tattoo 1
0x15 = L. Arm Tattoo 2
0x1B = R. Arm Tattoo 1
0x16 = R. Arm Tattoo 2
0x09 = Elbow Pads
0xBC = L. Accessory
0xBD = R. Accessory
0x26 = Gloves
0xBE = Misc Items
0x0E = backpack
0x0C = Pants
0x18 = left leg Tattoo
0x19 = Right Leg Tattoo
0x07 = kneepads
0x08 = Socks
0xB0 = Shoes
0xD0 = Deck Scaling
0xD1 = Body Scaling
0xC4 = Head Top Scaling
0xC7 = Face Scaling
0xC6 = Nose Scaling
0xC5 = Jaw Scaling
0xC8 = Chest Scaling
0xC9 = Waist Scaling
0xCA = Biceps Scaling
0xCB = Forearm Scaling
0xCC = Hands Scaling
0xCD = Thighs Scaling?
0xCE = Calves Scaling
0xCF = Feet Scaling
0xBB = Deck Graphic
0xBA = Griptape

Data Type Identifiers

0x8D = QBKey
0x90 = 1 Byte (char)
0x91 = 2 Bytes (short)
0x92 = 4 Bytes (long)

Value Identifiers

0x1E = Dunno, always used for QBKeys
0x1F = Hue for colors?
0x20 = Saturation for colors?
0x21 = Valence for colors? <- These 3 are for colors, not sure of what each one is for
0xA5 = X Axis Scaling
0xA6 = Y Axis Scaling
0xA7 = Z Axis Scaling <- 0xA7 MIGHT BE for Y and 0xA6 MIGHT BE for Z, not sure.

8A0A8D1E42FC381B00 <- Placing this in a female cas will put 'Dark Head 4' on it.

^To color this all you do is add the color info DIRECTLY after the qbkey


Color starts at the first 0x90 and ends at that 0x92, not sure why the 0x9222 are needed but they are, for scaling info there always seems to be a 0x921A after

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Re: [THUG2]CAS Info

Post by Pinky Ps »

someone could help me with this?

I want to paint red head of my cas
but only the head

:( :( :(

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Re: [THUG2]CAS Info

Post by Kenny »

Pinky Ps wrote:Hello
someone could help me with this?

I want to paint red head of my cas
but only the head

:( :( :(

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