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[THUG2][PC]Custom Theme

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Credit to Basti:
You will need a qbcompiler, an editor, a colortable (example: http://www.farb-tabelle.de/de/farbtabelle.htm or photoshop etc.)

Ok the file you will need is the themes.qb from your scriptsfolder

The file gives you many informations about the objects with their colors and the relations between them.
At the beginning of the file you will notice that:



The DE_ is a prefix for the THUG2standard theme. On THUG1 you may know, there exist a thememenu which changes the prefixes to set a own theme.

Code: Select all

DE_ = Retro-Hawk
AL_ = Cloudbuster
NS_ = Neversoft
SS1_  = Secret 1 Kiss
SS2_ = Secret 2 Iron Man
SS3_ = Secret 3 T.H.U.D.
SS4_  = Secret 4 ?
UG_ = T.H.U.G.
SP1_ = Sponsor 1 Birdhouse
SP2_ =Sponsor 2 Element
SP3_ =Sponsor 3 Flip
SP4_ =Sponsor 4 Girl
SP5_ =Sponsor 5 Zero
FU_ = Skullz n Stuff
PA_ =Chilled
things from thug1script in thug2:
:i $THEME_COLOR_PREFIXES$ = :a{%s(2,"DE"):a}
:i $THEME_PREFIXES$ = :a{%s(2,"DE"):a}

Ok now we check some objectvalues:

Code: Select all

Color of fonts but which color which font would have, I havent tested.

Code: Select all

Color of the Head up display on the upper left.

Code: Select all

Color of balance meter

Code: Select all

$DE_HUD_SPECIAL_COLOR$ .......etc...
there also are many other things listed^^

Now we check functioncode itself:

Code: Select all

:i $DE_BALANCE_METER_COLOR$ = :a{%i(0,00000000)%i(82,00000052)%i(117,00000075)%i(128,00000080):a}
Alpha (0=invisible)

yes the array would work on a simple way like that

Code: Select all


Retro-Hawk %i(0,00000000)%i(82,00000052)%i(117,00000075)%i(128,00000080)

My own

Have fun with your own themes

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