Be still and know: that I'm God! Haha, i'm back.

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Be still and know: that I'm God! Haha, i'm back.

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Yoyoyo homies, yo! I am wanting to start playing some THPS again.

If anyone does not know of me, i am one of the best overall players in the online community of this game from THPS3 PS2/PC up to THPS7 [THAW] on PC/PS2. I am the Creator of XTAG aka )(TAG for THAW/THPS7, which had a purpose similar to that of MuDDAFuQQa's GraffKORE mod for THUG2 aka THPS6. It made the default lobby game online Graffiti rather than Freeskate, it changed the available game time limits to choose from, removed double rolls, and some other stuff that I can't recall at the moment.

I also made, a site which hosted over 2,000 unique THPS replays -- all of which were searchable, sortable, and streamable! Long before that, I was the creator of the tXo hosted site called Replayers!

If there is anything I can do to help the modding community out, let me know.

If anyone can help me, I need a link to download THPS, THPS4, THUG, THUG2, and THAW, if possible!

Thanks in advance,
KiLLERtHPS aka KILLER2002 back in the day
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Re: Be still and know: that I'm God! Haha, i'm back.

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Hello, there!

ThMods hasn't been quite active in recent years. A lot of players--both new and old--hang out in the THPSX Discord Server. You can find an invite to there on A lot of players now play THUGPro (mod for THUG2), and the modding scene is still quite active.

As for downloads, %.gone made custom installers for all the THPS PC games. They're all posted on the Discord server.
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