PAL Disney Skate Demo

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PAL Disney Skate Demo

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This is the PAL version of the Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure DEMO that was included on Demo Disc 039 of PlayStation Magazine in November 2003 in the UK. It has been ripped from the demo disc, and rebuilt as .bin to be played as it's own demo disc. An NTSC version was also released on a demo disc with PlayStation Magazine in January 2004, but I haven't found that one yet.

I tested it in PCSX2. It loads the full main menu like the THPS4 demo does, but this one doesn't have anything special as far as I can tell.

I feel like someone might want to go through the files for whatever reason, so here you go:

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Download rebuilt .bin:!9JkQhCwL!weSXkcVHs_8lTU3HmQwxQRHiWpOyaawZTzFtwk8jCYU

Download extracted files:!tMlSmCaJ!z6bVtz4GSs9PBSXN4MtXymtrDSwNJyyJLH84Yeb6PwI - THPS Xbox 360 Mods/Tutorials, Original Xbox Mods, Playstation 2 Codes/Files, Gamecube Mods, THUGPro Mods!!

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