Download custom park carboN by Miso

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Download custom park carboN by Miso

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Hi guys, this is actually my first forum post here. ^^ I'll make an introduction post another time, but for now, I decided to publically release my custom park I have created (originally in THUG2 for Gamecube) in THUG Pro. I have surprisingly received amazing feedback for this level (one in particular by Quazz) and instead of hosting it all the time, it can now be yours. A main reason I am posting it to the THMods forum is mainly so people know the creator and people will not decide to rename it and therefore claiming it as their own.

Here's a video on what the park looks like and how it is played:

Download the park here - ...

Installation: Place the .PRK file under C:\Users\<youruser>\AppData\Local\THUG Pro\Save

I hope you all enjoy ^^

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Re: Download custom park carboN by Miso

Post by quazz »

Cool park - good memories. :)

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