Pretending I'm a Superman - THPS Documentary

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Pretending I'm a Superman - THPS Documentary

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Just saw a Rad Rat video talking about this, came to see if anyone here was talking about it. Couldn't find a link so here you guys go.

"A documentary about the Tony Hawk game franchise featuring the developers and skaters behind it."

Coming Fall 2018, they are apparently making it with or without the funding, but are trying to come up with money to interview a lot more people. There are some options to get some cool loot like signed DVDs and boards, and some other options like getting your name in the credits. Who knows if it will be tight or not, but here's the link: ... me-story#/

EDIT: just hopped on THPSX and saw the home page talking about it, so I'm assuming many of you are already aware! - THPS Xbox 360 Mods/Tutorials, Original Xbox Mods, Playstation 2 Codes/Files, Gamecube Mods, THUGPro Mods!!

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