Some new suggestions following update

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Some new suggestions following update

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First off, I'd like to congratulate the THUG Pro team on their amazing work. What they've accomplished up to this point is beyond incredible, and they've achieved far more than anyone could have reasonably expected. They work very hard to give the rest of us the best game possible, without any monetary incentive.

Following this update, I have some suggestions as to what to do next:

1. Implement Tag The Big Billboard missions from Story Mode in Free Skate. The ability to restore the Berlin church mural in Free Skate would also be nice. There may be other elements from THUG2 Story Mode that could also make Free Skate more interesting.

2. New Orleans zombie mode in any level. Many levels could have an option that replaces the sky textures and lighting with the ones found in New Orleans, following the opening of the crypts. It could also swap out the pedestrians for zombies. There could be other options that swap out the pedestrians for aliens or imps, and ones that swap out water for lava or toxic waste.

3. Option to listen to an internet radio station, as opposed to a set soundtrack. This may be easier to implement now that the game has music options. The code for this feature can probably be taken from American Truck Simulator or Euro Truck Simulator 2, and then modified to work with THUGPro.

4. More level effects. This isn't a very big deal, but it could still add something. There are cars that drive down the road in the THPSHD version of Marseille. There are also a lot more objects to knock over in all of the levels from that game. There are pigeons in the Grind Session version of Burnside that you can scare away, that have similar behavior to the ones found in the Australia level from THUG2.

5. I'd also like to point out that there's a pallet swap for the Graffiti Tagger that wears a gray sweatshirt instead of a red one. You can see him in the Berlin and School levels. This pallet swap could be added to the character selection screen.

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