CAS Female Character

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CAS Female Character

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I was thinking. THUG 2 have weirdo female faces and hairs. Just look at this, it was the best that I could do:


Now look at this THAW model that I made just for Classic Mode. I wasn't taking too serious when I made her. Be careful to not fall in love.


Wtf, a huge difference. Yes, I know, it's because on THUG 2 the models are crap and there is no many hair, face and clothes options. You can go right now on THAW and THUG 2 to see the size of the gap that their have comparing both when we are talking about realistic CAS options. That's why I'm curious if it's possible to convert from THAW at least some hairs and clothes, even the male ones. What do you guys think?

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Re: CAS Female Character

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While no outline has been made of what exactly we wanted to add, it's been generally agreed that more female CAS options need to be added. Thanks for the reminder!

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