"SUPER Career Mode" Possible?

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"SUPER Career Mode" Possible?

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Greetings. This is my first post here but I hope to try out THUG Pro with all of the goodies to come. I am planning on buying an Xbox with all the Tony Hawk Games and this is my suggestion: "SUPER Career mode."

the "SUPER" in the mode title is referring to the fact that just about every area will be available (soon) with challenges old and new. (hey, no pressure!) for this super charged career mode. Starting off on the THPS 1 areas you complete objectives to collect Tapes to unlock more areas. (Think Power Stars.) the more areas you clear, the more contests you will enter.

You know the routine for the objectives: High Score, Pro Score, Slick Score, Collect S-K-A-T-E, Perform C-O-M-B-O in order, Level Exclusive objectives such as smashing "No Skating" signs, Grinding up School Bells, Perform grinds on specific rails, all the way to finding the Hidden Tapes. And you only have around 2 minutes to complete the tasks. (somewhat more time for the larger areas like... 4 minutes maximum?) However, there will be more difficult objectives to give those who think they mastered the series a kick in the pants.

Kicks in the pants such as Super Score, Hyper Score, Mega Score, Ultra Score, "Goat of A Score," all the way up to the "Godhand Score." Godhand is a term I use to describe the 1 in 6 Billion who mastered the game. There will be Godhand Tapes as well as Secret Tapes to make the players squirm such as finding and nailing all of the gaps in every area, buying all the upgrades, getting all of the gold medals, even completing the objectives in the fewest tries possible.

Cash will replace the Point Bonuses. Cash will be scattered around every area so that you can power up your skaters and buy decks, Tricks, clothing and so on, provided that there are exclusive CAS items that Tapes Cannot buy. Also, once an area is unlocked, all skaters can access the areas. However, they can't access competitions without the allotted tapes needed to gain entry.

Also in order to compete in all of the Competitions of the Super Career mode, you only need around 70 tapes out of every 120 tapes. But with every character having their own tape tally, this super charged career mode will take a long time to 100 percent everything with every skater.

But anyways, that is just a pipe dream as I don't go online with Tony Hawk Games. I will abide by the rules and to be fair and also treat everybody as if they were me.

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