Frequently asked questions

Let us know if you are having trouble setting up THUG Pro or facing issues during gameplay.
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Frequently asked questions

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Where can I get THUG2?
  • There is no digital version of THUG2 available, but you can get a physical copy of the game on eBay or Amazon etc.
    We encourage people to use a full retail version of THUG2 with THUG Pro.
    Ripped or repackaged versions of the game can be unpredictable, and we will not prioritize bugs or issues caused as a result of that.
Is there a standalone a version of THUG Pro?
  • No, there is not a standalone version of THUG Pro available.
How can I use Xbox 360 or Xbox One Controllers?
  • There is a known problem with using these controllers on THUG Pro.
    You will be able to set each trigger to a different button, but pressing either will have the outcome of BOTH triggers.
    If you are using a program for a Playstation 3 or Playstation 4 controller that SIMULATES the Xbox controller, you will run into this problem!
    This is hard coded into the original THUG2 game which was a programming choice by the original developer. We suggest you use an alternative controller, or only map one button to one trigger for the time being.

    See other solutions below.
Emulating keyboard controls with a gamepad:
  • In Xpadder you can then set up the triggers as separate buttons, and the rest of the buttons to the keyboard keys you have set under the "keyboard controls" tab of the launcher.
  • Example:
    Left Trigger - KP7
    Right Trigger - KP9
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Help, my time travel machine is not working!
  • Sorry, there are no official time travel portals available.