THUGPro keeps crashing

Let us know if you are having trouble setting up THUG Pro or facing issues during gameplay.
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THUGPro keeps crashing

Post by johnnyramone48 »

for a couple weeks now ive been having issues with thugpro crashing, i used fl1ppys guide, and THUG 2 runs fine, but thugpro crashes within a couple minutes, freeskate or online, it doesnt matter. ive tried deleting it, reinstalling, repairing, and it still crashes, i run windows 7. any possible fixes are appreciated, i really want to play :)

whataf crosompo
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Re: THUGPro keeps crashing

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I'm not sure if the newer versions of THUGPro are compatible with older versions of Windows. That could be the reason. Have you tried updating? Is your antivirus blocking THUGPro? (if you have any antiviruses) One time my antivirus blocked me from installing a mod that wasn't a virus, only because it modified files. I optimized it so that it didn't block the installation.

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