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Re: 360 LT/RT not recognized at all

Posted: Mon Aug 08, 2016 6:07 pm
by %.gone.
Text based! parsing commas as dots has nothing to do with a launcher your claims are still wrong.
Catarax isn't on a Windows 7 machine. Not to mention the many people including myself who's xbox controllers have no issues with the launcher.
Which your claim is that it doesn't WORK AT ALL. Again your posts are nothing more than opinion based. If it were to work for even one person your claims become false and NOT FACT. Come on Demo you have reading comprehension use it and stop trying to fight with everyone because you think you're right all the damn time. You have absolutely NOTHING to say in the group chat but feel you have all the answers in a THPS forums.

You have me highly mistaken with Quazz.
Demo, you're notorious for putting people down that post applications that YOU didn't create or anyone that has anything negative to say about anything you create. Which would you prefer to be kettle or pot? Kindly fuck yourself.

Re: 360 LT/RT not recognized at all

Posted: Tue Aug 09, 2016 2:29 am
by Demo
I replied here, cause I faced the same problem reported by another person on a different setup.
I make assumptions. they can be wrong. you don't have to go nuts over it and blame everyone for "misinformation".
and I'm afraid your anger issues prevent you from reading stuff properly.

what I did say:
1. I can't map axis based controls (aka left stick, right stick and triggers) on my windows 7 x64 machine with wired xbox360 controller, default drivers. yes, this exact feature doesn't work at all in some cases and you found it out already, didn't you? fact.
2. launcher thrown an exception, until I changed locale to english and back to native. that fixed the launching issue, but shows that something is wrong with culture code. fact.

what I never said, but you're acting like I did:
1. launcher doesn't start/work on all windows machines for all users. uh-oh, misinformation.
2. gone is an idiot who can't write a proper tool. did I ever say that?

please don't reinterpret my words. it seems like i'm not the one who's looking for the battle here.

as of the tools I wrote (since you brought that up), I'm not the best example of a developer and I don't even pretend to be the one, but at least i'm trying to understand the problem and if I don't want or can't fix something, i'm pretty straight about it.

Re: 360 LT/RT not recognized at all

Posted: Tue Aug 09, 2016 1:24 pm
by %.gone.
None of this is out of "Anger", Demo. It's out of annoyance of your misinformation.
Demo wrote:win7 x64. cannot map any axis at all
With that claim only one person needs to get it to work for your claim to be wrong. You still presenting "facts"?

Culture neutral = english, are you missing english on your system? culture is text and WILL NOT BREAK AN APPLICATION only makes it look fucked up.
Demo wrote:what I never said, but you're acting like I did: launcher doesn't start/work on all windows machines for all users
I never made this claim at all. See my quote of yours above and as I continue to say only one working 360 gamepad on a Win7 x64 makes your claim wrong. Which is spreading misinformation. The main reason I stay far away from the thugpro subreddit. Can't blame it though because it's run by non thugpro devs who don't moderate shit.
Demo wrote:please don't reinterpret my words
Demo wrote:Just because it works for you on said system doesn't mean it works for all on said system.
Who's the one putting words in someone else's mouth here? Not I.
Demo wrote:I'm not the best example of a developer and I don't even pretend to be the one, but at least i'm trying to understand the problem and if I don't want or can't fix something, i'm pretty straight about it.
From what I see all over your site if someone doesn't praise you and then has an issue you jump down their throat, much like I do to EVERYONE. Equal opportunity hatred.

You're directly connected to the thugpro dev team yet you never have an issue unless you can make it a public matter after something gets release. But you're concerned about getting things fixed, right? Give me a break.

Re: 360 LT/RT not recognized at all

Posted: Wed Aug 10, 2016 5:20 pm
by Demo
wait what? "english is a neutral culture"? you know... you'd better use msdn sometimes to educate yourself, but instead, you keep playing with words and lurking my 6 years old site. why do you keep turning tables? i can leave the group if you're so offended. such a privilege, omg. i never asked for this.

my statement was made about my system and the way you understand that is totally your issues. do whatever you want with this info. stick to your wrong drivers tale, I don't care. wouldn't even bother to post if i knew your outcome would be so inadequate.

and the rest of it - I couldn't care less to start this cycle again. all those "seeking for attention" claims are so childish. there are more effective ways to spread misinformation about gone's perfect code that never fails rather than doing that on a niche modding site (and it's goddamn bug report section). i guess even a reddit thread would recieve more attention. your personal attacks are disgusting and most of your statements here fall flat.
%.gone. wrote:if someone doesn't praise you
all praise Demo! i don't even


Re: 360 LT/RT not recognized at all

Posted: Wed Aug 10, 2016 9:20 pm
by %.gone.
Maybe it's you that needs to write a c# application and you'll see that when you go to change the culture of the application IT IS SET TO ENGLISH AS NEUTRAL. Where this will change based on your current language, but guess what it does, it compiles the application for that language. You can however be specific with your language to get around this functionality, but this, by your claims, would have the same effect because the launcher is in fact compiled for English. Are you sure you know how to read? I mean many say they do but with reading comes comprehension.

No one said it was a privilege the point, and actually what I said, was you have absolutely NOTHING to say unless you can show your ass in public, exactly like you're doing now. Funny you remind me of an ex, accuse me of something they're doing AS THEY'RE DOING IT. I don't know whether to laugh at you or just ignore your blatant ignorance.

Lurking your site? Is that the best response you have? For those of you with horrible memories I feel sorry for you but lets be honest I'm talking about as recent as a couple months ago. Please continue to act as if you have the intellect of an ALL KNOWING BEING.
The wrong drivers issue is primarily a WINDOWS 10 issue but does occur on other systems. although I was specific in stating Windows 10 but we get it by now you don't actually read a response. Just fucking google search, cretin
Microshit released a driver that broke functionality of its controllers for several games and made a claim they weren't going to fix it.
They then released another driver that, from my understanding, fixed the issue. The problem being that the new driver doesn't install itself and replace the old one, you have to manually do that task yourself. Many people don't have this issue because the games they're playing aren't in the list of games the driver breaks.
Tell me not to twist your words yet you couldn't read what I said even after I clearly quoted you doing the exact same thing you're doing now.
No wonder people avoid you, you have them run in circles until they simply give up because you're too hard headed to admit to being wrong.

The only person I see placing words in someone else mouth is YOU. You continue to make false claims "gones perfect code". There's no such thing as perfect code. My point has been and will remain that you spread misinformation because you couldn't be bothered to actually make a valid response to anyone unless it can be publicized. Exactly like you're doing here. Please respond back I'd love for you to misquote me again and again because that's how we achieve goals is to point blame and wrongfully accuse someone when all you needed to do was read.

It's apparent i've gotten under your skin and since you're seeing red you wont be able to make a valid rebuttal.
You're the moderator of that subreddit aren't you? Come on you can admit it.

Re: 360 LT/RT not recognized at all

Posted: Sat Aug 13, 2016 2:25 pm
by Demo
more caps, gonzy, that totally makes your point valid. i like how you stick to win10 completely ignoring i told you 3 times it's win7. you only see what you want to see, flipping tables when your ass gets on fire. of course i'm reddit's mod. in your screwed mind.

so when the bug's fixed don't forget to come back and apologize. be a man. i'm out of this circus.