Create-A-Park Billboard Texture Bug

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Create-A-Park Billboard Texture Bug

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Hello THUG Pro Team,

I have been a huge fan of this mod since around the beginning of 2015. The mode that I probably spend the most time on is the Create-A-Park mode. Recently, when I began creating a new park, I noticed that the advertisement textures on a few of the billboard pieces looked liked they might have been mapped incorrectly to the objects. You can see the bug I am referring to below. It looks to me like there is somehow a smaller additional graphic pasted over the top of the correct original graphics. I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem occur for them or if it was just me. Anyways, love the work you have put into this mod so far and I can't wait to see what other new park pieces or other features for the rest of the game you guys come up with.


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Re: Create-A-Park Billboard Texture Bug

Post by TomoAlien »

The billboards are like that on the PS2 version of THUG2 too.

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