The Levelmod Project (THPS4)

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Re: The Levelmod Project (THPS4)

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I think I might cancel development of this mod because:

1. THPS4 is dead
2. THUGpro already has THPS4 levels
3. I'm a noob at coding (which makes MOST of the features I want (lobby, speed boosts, music zones) impossible to implement ATM)
4. People already point out to me ingame in THUGpro that this mod is pointless to make because of reason #2
5. No one wants to volunteer when it comes to modding anymore

If you want this mod to continue, Then tell me in this topic what you can do to help and/or why you want this mod to continue

You know the old saying "better late then never"? well now in this case I guess it's "better never than late" thanks to those THUGpro devs for giving me 2 reasons not to continue this mod.

UPDATE (05-13-2015) : I've decided to continue development, But don't expect quick releases, These things take time, Like I said, I'm still learning C++, and I haven't finished School II COL conversion, I'll try to release a Stable 1.0 build soon, After that, I'll work on 1.1 with more levels specifically from the supposed 2.0 roster, But might not release 2.0 until the *near* future depending on how the lobby or server list can be implemented, It would be a lot faster if I had someone to help boost development, The more modders who will work on level conversion and other features, The faster the development will be.

Screenshot to show how far I've gotten:

EDIT:Still having issues with collision conversion, Even after correcting vertices, Some areas of the level are still not skateable, So the release date might be delayed depending on how I can figure out how to fix it.

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