THPS4 PC Optimization RESOLVED

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THPS4 PC Optimization RESOLVED

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THPS4 on PC is so ungodly choppy. There is a solution to this. Enable V-sync by using your graphics card control panel (I use NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 so I was able to apply the setting to only the game's .exe instead of applying it to the main setting). This will make the game's max frame rate to 60. The reason why is because the game doesn't have a frame limit unlike the other THPS games. Due to this, it'll run at very high frame rates if played on a good computer, and running it on high frame rates cause stuttering.
P.S. I know that no one really plays THPS4 anymore, but I just wanted to share this since I saw others have this kind of problem.

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Re: THPS4 PC Optimization RESOLVED

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I recently tried out the original borderlands game. while it's an old game build on unreal3 and should run just fine on my system, I experienced massive stuttering, close to complete inability to play. and guess what, forcing vsync actually fixed it. funny thing that there are lots of threads about it and I only found the answer in a random guy's post without any discussions there. I never experienced any problem with thps4 though.

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