PSP Project 8 Question - How to access THAW levels in P8

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PSP Project 8 Question - How to access THAW levels in P8

Post by GoFundUrself »

i was told by some people that it is possible to play the American Wasteland levels in the PSP version of Project 8. If possible, how do you do it?

Also, is it possible to play the PSP Classic Mode Levels in project 8 on the PSP in freeskate by modding?

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Re: PSP Project 8 Question - How to access THAW levels in P8

Post by quazz »

The American Wasteland levels people were referring to are the ones that are available in the classic mode. The remaining THAW levels in classic mode and career levels are not present within the game.

So the ones you can mod the game to play in Free Skate and Network play are Alcatraz, Chicago, Downhill Jam, Minneapolis, Hawaii, Mall, Marseilles, The Ruins, and even two testlevels and the Training level from the Career Mode. (Note: Alcatraz crashes in Network play due what I suspect is a script issue).

You can do the following to edit the game:
Open the game ISO with UMDGen, extract all files to a work location.

Extract datap.wad and datap.hed with WadEdit v3.1, using THAW+ Mode.

Keep WadEdit open for convenience.

Using the program QueenBee 1.9 from the tools section, load qb.pak.psp, which will also load qb.pak.psp. (you might need to select .*all files from the dropdown types menu since QueenBee doesnt recognize psp paks)

Open gamemenu_levelselect.qb.psp within QueenBee, now you can take a look and notice there is a SectionArray of levels used in Career Mode. This picture shows it:
Scroll after that and you will notice that there is a SectionArray of Classic Mode levels, aka the good levels.
Now what happens is when you open up the Level Select menu, the menu is populated with levels based on the mode. The problem is the Freeskate and Network modes use the Career mode section array, so we need to add the StructHeaders of the classic mode levels to the Career array. Right click on each levels StructHeader and click copy, and then right click the StructHeader of FUN PARK and do Paste -> Add Sibling.. tada!

Keep pasting each levels StructHeader after the last one you added, so you can have every level in this SectionArray.

In the bottom right corner of QueenBee click Save to Disk, and now with WadEdit, check the Build bullet, and rebuild the wad. Drag the new Wads into the THP8 ISO in UmdGen, and rebuild the iso. You are done!

If you need help at any point, feel free to ask. You can do it!

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Re: PSP Project 8 Question - How to access THAW levels in P8

Post by Catarax »

I tried it, the levels appear but freeze the game directly when I go on them (listed in italic also).
Does it require the classic mode finished at 100%?

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