THUG2 tutorial level problem.

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THUG2 tutorial level problem.

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Hi everyone, I'm Mike and I just joined today. :D
I got everything running pretty good but I wanted to have a nostalgia trip and play the story mode of THUG2 so i started it up, everything was going fine, but then i get to the part where i need to "Get out of the half pipe and level out". I just went to Best Buy omw home from work and bought one of the Logitech gamepads F310 and configured it as close as I could to the original THUG2 controls My problem is that he wants me to level out using KP7+KP9. KP9 is if i press the left joy stick and KP7 seems to be the back button on the controller. Iv tried mapping them and press them when im supposed to but can't seem to get it to work. :oops: Does anyone have any advice? Thank you so much. :)

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Re: THUG2 tutorial level problem.

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Left spin and right spin at the same time to level out. Those are the same controls to spine transfer too.

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