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THUG 1+2 Hex editing help XBX

Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2018 7:32 pm
by XboX_LegaCy
Hi all,

I am new here, though % and a couple others right remember me. I used to have a plethora of thps xbox hacks and mods on my xbox and unfortunately, never took the time to back any of them up. Though i was able to salvage %'s xbox thaw ce edition and debug menu for thps 3 on xbox. I lost pretty much everything i had to a nasty xbox HDD failure and its beyond repair, so all of it is gone. :cry: I am having to start over again and it is not fun, heh as i have forgotten most everything i learned.

I do have the thug lost levels running complete with debug menu for thug 1 on xbox so i will start there, but for the life of me cannot remember how to also get the cheats:debug menu up. So i will start there, i replaced the gamma adjust for the debug menu, but how can i get the cheats:debug menu up?

Also, concerning the lost levels, how can i make it like other mods people have where you can have the regular levels, and also the lost levels. I tried out the 666 mod, and it works on xbox, but theres so much other stuff hacked in that doing anything else freezes the xbox and dont have the skill to replace the level code as i am not 100 percent sure what i am doing.

I am glad to be back and hopefully someone has the patience to help this old school noob. heh. :mrgreen:

EDIT** OK, i am going to attach my THUG 2 xbox attempt at adding the debug menu.

Ok, it wont let me attach anything. It says:

Temporary folder could not be found. Please check your PHP installation

ALso, i think i have to NOP the qb_scripts.prx file, but one question, how do i do that?

Re: THUG 1+2 Hex editing help XBX

Posted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 2:26 pm
by quazz
Hey, welcome to the TH modding community!

There are some exceptions but a lot of the TH4-THUG2 asset files are interchangeable between the Xbox and PC versions. Its really almost the same files. So the tools that have been made for modding these games can be used for the xbox versions.

If you want to edit some of the menus, you'll want to edit some of the .QB files that are in the QB_Scripts.prx. There is a PRE tool named THPSPreTool by %Gone that will allow you to extract the qb you want to edit from the pre. Then, you will want to decompile the QB, make the changes you want, then recompile the QB.

In the pause menu section, there will be "if NOT CD - then make the debug menu item" - CD meaning if it is built for public.

Thanks for coming to THMODS and I'll try to return to this thread with more information soon.

Re: THUG 1+2 Hex editing help XBX

Posted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 9:17 pm
by XboX_LegaCy
Thanks quazz! I have been able to remember and do a few things since i made that first post. I am down to only a couple games now. I have since learned how to compile and decompile some scripts from qb.prx for thug 2.

Really, at this point, I have a couple questions. What can i do to get thug 2 to have the debug, test menu options in the menu? I know how to do it by hex, but i don't want to overwrite the gamma menu. I can compile scripts so which script is it? Every attempt i have made with diff qb files has resulted in the debug menu still not showing up after compiling? I have tried gamemenu_pause and gamemenu.qb and have changed to NOT CD to CD only to have the debug menu still not show up. Basically i want to restore as much as i can for thug 2 in the menus.

Also, can you show me what you did to get those test levels working on thug 1? Test level and thps 4 skateshop? Test level always freezes for me? Please? :) That would rock. I have the lost levels working real good, so no worries there. This REALLY interests me, so hopefully you can help me with this.