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[THUG2 REMIX/THP8] [PSP] [PSVITA] 60 FPS Hack (Playstation 2 Framerate)

Posted: Mon Apr 24, 2017 3:03 pm
by Catarax

This hack brings back the original Playstation 2 framerate on the PSP port of THUG 2.

Required (PSP) :
- Custom Firmware (Tested on PSP 6.61 LME-2.3)
- USA Game release (UMD/ISO or CSO)

Required (PS VITA) :
- Installed Adrenaline on Henkaku (PS VITA 3.60 max)
- THUG 2 REMIX (USA RELEASE iso or cso in ux0:/pspemu/ISO)

Note :
- ISO performs better than CSO, not totally sure

Plug your PSP to computer, then copy :

Copy the files to the path (PS VITA) :

Enabling the patch in-game :
Start the game, press Select a long time and enable the cheats, then go back to the game and should get it at full speed.
You have to do it at each game boot !

On the dashboard of the PSP, use select to lock the CPU at 333MHZ in game.

Refresh rate issue :
On PS VITA, there is some framerate refresh issue without impacting the game play.

PSP 3000 seems to have less trouble with this issue and on PPSSPP (Windows), it runs at constant 60 fps without refresh issue (Require to use Dynarec/Interpreter switch while loading a level however)

Download (PSP)

Download (PSVITA)

Download (PPSSPP)


Tony hawk's Project 8 at 60fps ! (Compatible on PPSSPP, PSP, Vita)

Tony Hawk's Project 8 [USA-UMDv1.0], ULUS10197.ini

Code: Select all

_S ULUS-10197
_G Tony Hawk's Project 8 [USA-UMDv1.0]
_C0 60 FPS
_L 0xE0021080 0x00097156
_L 0x20097154 0x10000017
_L 0x20011C28 0x00000000
_C0 30 FPS [Default]
_L 0xE0021000 0x00097156
_L 0x20097154 0x10800017//Vblank
_L 0x20011C28 0x1480FFEE//CtrlBuff

Tony Hawk's Project 8 [EUR-ENG/Multi5], ULES00625.ini / ULES00626.ini

Code: Select all

_S ULES-00625 / ULES-00626
_G Tony Hawk's Project 8 [EUR-ENG/Multi5]
_C0 60 FPS
_L 0xE0021080 0x00096E16
_L 0x20096E14 0x10000017
_L 0x20011C28 0x00000000
_C0 30 FPS [Default]
_L 0xE0021000 0x00096E16
_L 0x20096E14 0x10800017//Vblank
_L 0x20011C28 0x1480FFEE//CtrlBuff

*Cheat Status: Actual gameplay runs good, but can cause cutscenes issues(?).

Re: [THUG2 REMIX/THP8] [PSP] [PSVITA] 60 FPS Hack (Playstation 2 Framerate)

Posted: Mon Jul 31, 2017 9:12 am
by Catarax
Update! Added the THP8 cheats for running the game at 60 fps, pretty good on Windows with PPSSPP.

Re: [THUG2 REMIX/THP8] [PSP] [PSVITA] 60 FPS Hack (Playstation 2 Framerate)

Posted: Sat Jun 09, 2018 2:06 pm
by Skater1014
The THUG2 Remix one works great.
However, for some reason I can't get the THP8 one to work on both PPSSPP and my PSP.
Idk if it's because of different ISO's or what since the one I'm using is made from my copy of the game.

Nevermind, apparently the EU code is working even though my copy of the game is USA.

Re: [THUG2 REMIX/THP8] [PSP] [PSVITA] 60 FPS Hack (Playstation 2 Framerate)

Posted: Mon Jun 18, 2018 4:27 am
by Catarax
Cheat code required to run THUG 2 REMIX without crashs on Windows/Linux/MAC in PPSSPP :

Code: Select all

_C1 JIT refresh
//To be safe best set cheat refresh rate to or close to single digit value,
//this cheat doesn't do anything aside from checking some code which game modifies on it's own
//read code type refreshes JIT which avoids crashes just like that:]
_L 0xE0000000 0x00065690
_L 0xE0000000 0x00065600
_L 0xE0000000 0x00065604
_L 0xE0000000 0x00065608
_L 0xE0000000 0x0006560C
_L 0xE0000000 0x00065610
_L 0xE0000000 0x00065614
_L 0xE0000000 0x00065618
_L 0xE0000000 0x0006561C
_L 0xE0000000 0x00065620
_L 0xE0000000 0x00065624
_L 0xE0000000 0x00065628
_L 0xE0000000 0x0006562C
_L 0xE0000000 0x00065630
_L 0xE0000000 0x00065634
_L 0xE0000000 0x00065638
_L 0xE0000000 0x0006563C
_L 0xE0000000 0x00065640
_L 0xE0000000 0x00065644

Tested on EUR ver, cheat refresh rate set to 1