MHPB Levels Mod (New Links)

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MHPB Levels Mod (New Links)

Post by kamiloxnumetal »

(New Links... 6/21/2013) ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing

This is a levels mod for MHPB
the levels mod includes:

MHPB Bk_Mov Beta Level
THPS Beta Freeway
THPS Beta Downhill
THPS Downhill Jam
THPS Downtown
THPS Roswell
THPS School 1
THPS San Francisco
THPS Chicago
THPS2 Marseille
THPS2 Hangar
THPS2 Bullring
THPS2 Venice
THPS2 Skate Heaven

Can't grind in THPS2 Levels (tell me if anyone know how to fix this...)

It includes 2 exe files "BMXMod.exe" and "BMXMod2.exe" to play with the custom pkrs

It also includes a 100% completed save game (you need it to play all the custom levels)


to install just paste the files in your mhpb game folder
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Re: MHPB Levels Mod

Post by daro7557 »

Links are dead.

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Re: MHPB Levels Mod

Post by %.gone. »

topic is 2 years old

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Re: MHPB Levels Mod

Post by ZurePitchmen83 »

Besides, It's not that hard to remake this mod yourself, Since the OP made this tutorial on swapping out levels in MHPBMX

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Re: MHPB Levels Mod (New Links)

Post by Siema2012 »

thanks upload, releace for me :3

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