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Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Registry Fixer [Visual Basic]

Posted: Sun Nov 19, 2017 11:32 pm
by KimChoJapFan
I wrote this small, simple utility that simply does the following:
  1. Asks for the directory where Tony Hawk's Underground 2 is located.
  2. Asks for the language you want the game to be in.
  3. Press the write button and it'll generate a .reg file in the same directory that the registry fixer program is in.
What is this used for?
This is useful for when you need to use the Tony Hawk's Underground 2 configurator program and if it has difficulty figuring out where you have the game installed.

This utility will generate the necessary registry keys to get the configurator utility to function.


While the file isn't available anymore, I did find the sources on an old Pastebin account of mine from 2015 that I wish I remembered when I made this thread.

Here's the sources written in Visual Basic:
I'll make a Python variant as another follow-up edit to this thread.