Let us know if you are having trouble setting up THUG Pro or facing issues during gameplay.
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i got a couple questions concerning updates. if anyone could answer these for me, that would be most appreciated.

how do i update the game?
how often are there updates?
when was the last time the game updated?

i think that about covers my questions for now. again, if anybody could help me out in answering these few questions, i would be really thankful
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Re: updates

Post by adamruzek »

Hello giraffecok THUG PRO updates in some random dates like 2 years to 1 year or 6 months. But thats fine the game will be work and if you want update acess the THUG PRO website in downloads: http://thugpro.com/download and install the last "download installer" for windows or mac or linux. install and overwrite the files will be work. The last update was 6 months ago the version: "THUG Pro". Have a good game!
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