Fix for SkateRanch in THUGPRO??

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Fix for SkateRanch in THUGPRO??

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Been really wanting to play this map but it crashes every time i start it, does anyone have a fix? Thank you
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Re: Fix for SkateRanch in THUGPRO??

Post by Skater1014 »

Found this fix on Discord, works for me
Morten1337 — 03/02/2023 11:11 AM
It's because of a deployment issue with the last update. Should be fixed in the next one... SOON ™
The easiest fix is to just download these files and place them in your thugpro/data/pre/ folder ... cripts.prx ... _SRcol.prx ... _SRscn.prx ... cripts.prx ... SV2col.prx ... SV2scn.prx
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