A Word About Rooms I Host

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A Word About Rooms I Host

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Hey everyone! For those of you that've been in my rooms, you'll know how they are...

For those who've never been in my rooms or are confused by my bans or my ideas, I'll clear everything up here.
My rooms are safe spaces for leftists, LGBTQIA+ people, anti-authoritarians, anti-fascists, anti-racists, POC, etc. who don't want to deal with the bigotry that pervades the game. I do not tolerate ANY misogyny, fascism, racism, BOOTLICKERY, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, anti-semitism, xenophobic sentiment, ethno-nationalism, sexual harassment, or other forms of bigotry. Political conversations are encouraged but, remember, it is a room run by an anarchist communist with a short fuse for nonsense. I encourage critical thinking, revolutionary ideas, and good-faith debate. Oh, and if you're a "MAGA" type, an "All Lives Matter" type, or "Back the Blue" type, keep quiet about it if you don't wanna get banned. If you don't like these basic house-rules, fuck off. If you were to walk in to my house or a party that I'm hosting, you wouldn't expect to be allowed to linger if you expressed this kinda stuff, so don't do it in a room I'm hosting. BLACK LIVES MATTER, BLUE LIVES DON'T EXIST, FUCK12, ACAB, SOCIALISM OR BARBARISM, ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE, etc.
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Re: A Word About Rooms I Host

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this post is vegan
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