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Read First

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To avoid repetition, we ask that you do not make a topic with the following ideas at this time:

Custom Soundtracks
  • Not a focus at this time - recommended to run a dedicated music player in the background, or use a music pack that a community member has put together

The remaining THPS/THAW levels
  • It is our goal to implement the remaining THPS and THAW levels in future updates
Custom deck graphics/graffiti tag sprays/stickers
  • We are planning a feature to load custom graphics.
Custom Skaters, Secret Skaters
  • We are currently unable to bring in custom skater models and do not have the ability to "Rig" them to the THUG2 skater model.
Split Screen/2 Player
  • Due to re-written aspects of the game that we have modified, the game will no longer support split screen multiplayer.
Good Ideas
  • -Level Concepts
    -Specific Feature Requests

We read every idea even if the topic has not been responded to, no need to repost ideas.

That being said, we want THUG Pro to have your great ideas! Let's hear them.