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controller support

Post by KXLIL »

The thugpro launcher recognises my xbox one controller but the thugpro the game dosent detect my xbox controller :?: :roll:
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Re: controller support

Post by Novas8 »

I am having the same problem but with a 360 controller
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Re: controller support

Post by carsausage »

I have the same problem too. Maybe this will be fixed in the next patch?
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Re: controller support

Post by W_G_D3DM4N »

They said in an update that they had added "Continued" controller support.

My left foot they did.

Even plugged in, it STILL can't detect my controller.

THUG2 can recognize it just fine.
This does not.
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Re: controller support

Post by %.gone. »

As for the original posters issue and the two people after them, it is likely the device GUID for player1 and player2 is set to the same controller.

From the launcher select player2 then select none for the device.
Select player1 and select the device you wish to use then set it up.

See if your controller works in game.
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Re: controller support

Post by berkshirebob »

Thanks for the suggestion. Tried it and it didn't work, unfortunately. Any other suggestions? Thanks ahead for any insights.
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