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Post by W_G_D3DM4N »

Where is it? It said in the current update that it has "Continued" xbox 360 and xbox one controller support. Tf does that even mean?

Even plugged in the launcher can NOT recognize it.
xpadder doesn't even work.
No other place i looked for to fix this issue or if their is ever gonna be an issue.

Is their a fix? PLEASE HELP
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Post by %.gone. »

Well, what the fuck that means is, a directx game recognizes your xinput devices triggers as an axis and THUG Pro will split them for you so you can use them in game.

You provided very little information.
1) How is the controller connected?
2) What OS?
3) Is your system up to date?
4) Are the drivers installed?

There is an issue when connecting those devices via bluetooth the device itself isn't recognized as an xinput device.
However, with minimal information from you no one can provide more than a minimal response.
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Post by berkshirebob »

Saw this thread and am having the same problem. I loaded the Thug Pro installer from the homepage and placed it into my Thug 2 folder. It installed fine and everything worked but I can't get a Bluetooth Xbox One Controller to work. I'm using a Surface 6 8gb Windows 10. I didn't download any additional drivers so i'm thinking that might be the problem? Any insights would be much appreciated.
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Post by Cattlepsy »

Ive experienced the issues mentioned in FAQ but ended up getting two different rigs running with xbox one controllers, one amd ryzen, one nvidia/intelX58... both work fine with xbox controller on my setup.

Make sure you select the xbox controller under gamepad device... one issue is that if your controller wasnt connected when you started the launcher, turning it on later wont matter. If your controller was off, you need to close the launcher and then open it again once the controller is already connected. Should appear in the dropdown now.

Did this across both generations of xbox one controller as well. Same build of win10 on each pc which came with drivers for controller already(win10 comes with xbox controller drivers by default I believe no need to download). If your gamepad doesnt appear in the list its either not connected properly or perhaps driver issues if youre not on win10. If you have any steam controller or xpadder settings disable those or exit steam/xpadder for now.

"disable xinput device trigger split" in main settings should be unchecked, player2 gamepad config = none. Player 1 gamepad config = xbox one controller for windows, select layout xbox under top-right dropdown. Should work from there, bind your controls and launch the game, if you start on the "A" button it goes down the list automatically so just keep pressing the button it asks for L3=LS, R3=RS.
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